Conveyancing Services Queensland attempt to provide a fixed fee service for most residential transactions. After over 18 years of experience solely in Conveyancing we have seen most of what can happen and have tried to structure our fees to cover for the normally encountered delays.

However there are exceptions to what is defined as normal delays. Please contact
our office to discuss further.

No Charge

Conveyancing Services Queensland does not charge for the receipt of a Residential Contract on your behalf where conditions are not satisfied in the early stages and the contract is terminated. For example your buyer is unable to obtain finance approval and seeks to terminate. We will advise you of your rights and should the matter not proceed further we will close the file without charge. Call to discuss or for clarification. Contact us...

Sale of Residential Property under standard Contract

$595.00 includes GST, our professional fees, settlement charges in Brisbane and surrounds and a title search if required. For other areas of Queensland a further settlement charge may be applicable.

Purchase of Residential House or Land under standard Contract

$975.00 includes GST, our professional fees. A settlement fee is applicable depending on place of settlement.

Additional fees and charges for a buyer include searches, government transfer (stamp) duty (see here), your banks/financiers fees and charges (if applicable) and government registration fees (see here). Any fees we incur will be passed on at cost and no additional fees from our office will be charged.

All other Conveyancing

Due to the complex nature of certain transactions Conveyancing Services Queensland is unable to provide a quote without all the details. Contact us...


Depending on the nature to the transaction and where the land/property is located, searches can vary by large amounts. If it is a family transfer you may not want any searches at all, whereas if you are buying a large property from a company then the searches would be a lot more important and complex. Certain searches such as a title search (currently $23.89) remain the same, however some councils will provide a simple rates only search for around $40.00 while other councils will charge over $300.00 and can take over 10 working days to provide the required information. In our links page we have included a link to the Queensland Law Society's Insurers list of searches. Contact us to discuss your needs. Contact us...